You have the power to do something to stop the war.

You have the power
to do something
to stop the war.

WE all do

We have a gas problem

🪖Putin’s war is funded by the gas we buy from him every single day. 
💨 40% of the gas consumed in Europe comes from Russia.
💎 For each 10 minute shower we take, about 80 cents go straight to Putin himself.
🙋‍♀️ What if we fought our dependency starting from our homes?
🚿 What if we fought Putin one shower at a time?

A shower can help

🦭 We can reduce gas consumption by taking short and cold showers instead of long and hot ones
🌍 Imagine 440 million fellow European citizens taking this pledge until the end of the war.
💸 Do the math! You see: together we can hit Putin where it hurts. 

Can you take this little sacrifice to help our fellow Ukrainians?

They are giving it all. Let’s show we got their backs.

Yes, I will take cold showers
to support Ukraine!



Pick your fav Shower Pledge

Russian warship go fuck yourself 100%

Pledge to yourself to use zero hot
water during showers.

Russian warship go fuck yourself 50%

Pledge to reduce by half the use of hot water during showers using less time and less heat.
You can upgrade to 100% at any time)


Be creative about it

Take a good pic/video and post it on your social. Don’t need to add anything, just do your thing.


Pick your fav Shower Pledge

Ask other people to do the same.
That’s really it, you did your bit! Amazing.

You have questions,
we have the answers

Just think that in a month you will subtract at least 30 euro to Putin, you alone. Now imagine that in Europe we are 440 millions people. You do the math 😉

There are several tricks to deal with a cold shower, and there are some evidences that cold shower is actually even healthy for your body (this is not the point, but still it’s kind of cool). Moreover if you feel that the water is cold you can scream out loud something like “Russian warship go fuck your self!”. It should help.

Ok that’s a good point. First of all, think about how fashionable short haircuts are. If you really need to keep your hair long, you can always take a quasi-cold shower. Maybe day after day you will slowly take the habit and you won’t miss warm water. Who knows our limits until we try?

I know, it’s wired to make a video while in bathrobe. Bat this not about making something silly going viral, we are talking about helping Ukraine for real. Do your part and have fun doing it. It will cheer up our Ukrainian friends.

Good lord, you are right! Isn’t it cool to kill two birds with one stone?

What can we say? You are smart lucky bastard 😇 . Maybe you can make a donation with the money you save everyday since you are already a gas-free human from the future. You can also make fun of us, while we suffer under the cold water. Up to you.

What’s next now?

Let’s be honest. This action alone won’t stop the war, but we can join together and bring incremental action to support our fellow friends in Ukraine. You can join our Action Channel on Telegram or drop us a line