Every time we shower we make a donation to Putin. But we don't have to.

We have a gas problem

🪖Putin’s war is funded by the gas we buy from him every single day. 
💨 40% of the gas consumed in Europe comes from Russia.
💎  We give to the war a little less than 1 Є for each 10 minute shower we take.
🚿 What if we fought our gas dependency starting from our homes, one shower at a time?

But a shower can help

🦭 We can reduce gas consumption by taking shorter colder showers instead of long and hot ones.
🌍 Imagine 440 million fellow European citizens taking this pledge until the end of the war.
💸 Do the math! You see: together we can hit where it hurts.
🌳 By the way, we are also in a terrifying Climate Crisis and gas is one of the causes.

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From now on I will drastically reduce the use gas and electricity during showers, while cooking and cooling or warming my home.

Don’t stop until your Government becomes serious about gas dependency from Russia

Be creative and support #coldshower on your socials to inspire others. Come up with your own ideas, don't worry how crazy they might seem. We are with you 😉

You have questions,
we have answers.

We’ll share with you many tricks to deal with a cold shower. If the water is too cold try to scream the top of your lungs something like “RUSSIAN WARSHIP GO FUCK YOURSELF!”, it should help.
Extra bonus: here are some evidences that cold showers are even good for your health. How cool is that?

If you don’t feel comfortable having your lovely face/body all over the internet, we TOTALLY get that. There are countless ideas to be explored that don’t need you to be in there. Also, we know that it’s hard to be creative in such sad and scary times, but wit has proved to engage and get messages across more than anything else. So, turn this into your new coping mechanism and share it with the world.

Of course it is. We need to double down the efforts to save the planet and fight a dictator at the same time. We should reduce gas consumption wherever possibile: home heating, dish and clothes washing, etc. The idea of the #coldshower works towards a much larger issue.

What can we say? You are a smart lucky bastard 😇. Maybe you can make a donation with the money you save everyday since you are already a gas-free human from the future OR you could make THAT the main theme your videos, amazing.  You’re also allowed to laugh at us while we suffer under the cold water. 

No. We don’t buy the idea that most of the ordinary people in Russia support a war criminal with their free will. Remember that they can be sentenced up to 15 year of jail if they speak out. More than 4000 people has been arrested because their opposition to the war and over 200.000 fled Russia since the invasion. Actually we love Russians as we know that they will revolt against the dictator that took over their country. 

Just some random citizens that wants to do their part. We don’t have grants helping us, but we would be happy to consider them. Do you remember the last monologue in The Great Dictator? This maybe is where all this started from. But also it is interesting to remember that it has been said that “It is always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them”. That is a pretty deep and disturbing quote, right? 

Honestly? We don’t know.

What’s next

This action alone won’t stop the war, but we can join together and bring incremental action to support our fellow friends in Ukraine. You can join our Action Channel on Telegram or drop us a line at What we need the most are creative ideas, contacts with the media, and some money to support the media team. Any help is welcome